​Are You Tired Of Losing Your Temper At Those That You Love?

It's Time For:

Anger School 

What if you could learn how to control your anger from the comfort of your own home?

Introducing Anger School, the brand-new online community where you can learn to control your anger, master your emotions and create a calmer, more loving and respectful relationship-all from the comfort of your own home!

Do You:

  • ​have frequent conflict with your wife, your friends, workmates or complete strangers?
  • raise your voice, shout, swear or bang objects when you are arguing?
  • shout at, swear at or chase other drivers on the roads?
  • worry that one day your anger will get out of control, leading to a first (or another) episode of abuse or violence directed towards those that you love?

​If you answered "Yes" to ANY of these questions, then ​​enrol in ​Anger ​​School today and change your life forever!


(Previous Client)

​Learning to manage my anger has been life-changing for me. I was in denial about so many things that were happening to me-especially my anger. ​Anger School has helped me realise that I did have a problem and has given me the tools not just to deal with my anger, but also to create a busy and happy and relationship with my wife and children.

​* Note: Name changed to protect privacy

Hello, my name is Alastair Duhs.

I am an anger expert living in Auckland, New Zealand.

In the summer of 1992 I ran my first anger management programme. Sitting in front of me were 25 angry men, all wanting to know how to control their anger and create a calm, loving and respectful relationship.

No pressure, of course.

I don’t know what I said that day.

But I do know that over the last 25 years I have perfected a system for teaching anyone the exact tools and techniques that you need to know to control your anger.

In fact, teaching anyone how to control their anger become easy for me, and learning how to control their anger has became easy for the men and women I work with.

In the last 25 years I have taught over 6,500 men and women how to control their anger in any situation.

I created Anger School to share this tools and techniques with you.

By enrolling in Anger School you can learn to how to control your anger in just a few weeks (or less!).

It may take longer than this to practice these anger management tools and techniques, but in just a few weeks you will know exactly how to control your anger in any situation.

I promise that you can learn how to control your anger.

And once you do, your relationship with yourself, your partner and all those around you will radically improve.

You can control your anger.


(Previous Client)

​​​​I was skeptical ​enrolling in Anger School at first but basically from the first lesson on, the lessons had me captivated and tied down to the screen - I really really enjoyed it, and have already found it has improved my life in many ways.

​* Note: Name changed to protect privacy

Now It's Your Turn:

​Learn The Keys To ​Control Your Anger

Here's What You Get When ​You Enrol In ​Anger School

When you enrol in ​Anger School you get...


​Weekly Video Lessons

​​​Every week Anger School members will get a detailed video ​explaining a key tool or concept in learning how to control your anger. ​


​​​Online Group Coaching

​​​​Confused about any aspect of anger management? Have questions? Members of Anger School ​can access an anger expert online every  ​week to answer your questions.


​​Worksheets and Quizzes

​​​Want help applying your learning? Every video comes with a worksheet or quiz to help you apply your learning. ​


​​​​Access To Specialist Trainings

​​​​Learn the key anger management ​tools immediately by accessing specialist on-boarding training, only available to Anger School members.


​​​Huge Discounts On Other Products

​​​Anger School members get ​massive discounts ​on ​individual online coaching and other anger management courses.


Community ​Support 

​​​Think that you are the only one struggling with anger? Join Anger School and become part of a word-wide community of men and women learning how to control their anger.


(Previous Client)

​​​​​"This course is just fantastic! Not only has it helped me with my anger, but it has enhanced my communication skills and made me more aware of my interpersonal skills and how I react to people. ​Last night was a good example. My partner came home exasperated after a few issues with the management at work. She didn't know it but as we spoke I was applying a few of the listening skills from ​Anger School. I could see the gratitude in her face for my enhanced listening skills. I'm very grateful for this course. ​

​* Note: Name changed to protect privacy

Anger​ School Will Teach You...

  • what anger, abuse and violence really are
  • ​what makes an action abusive or violent
  • ​how angry, abusive or violent you are
  • ​what the four main anger management tools are
  • how to ​recognise your Early Warning Signs of anger
  • ​how to use the Tension Scale to recognise when you are getting frustrated, annoyed or angry
  • how to use Positive Self-Talk to lower your tension, stress or anger levels
  • ​how to take a Time-Out correctly
  • ​what the real cause of anger is
  • ​how your thoughts and beliefs create your anger (and how to change them!)
  • ​how to take responsibility for your actions
  • ​what a respectful relationship is
  • ​how respectful your relationship is
  • how to communicate better with anyone around you
  • ​how to listen to your partner so that s/he feels fully understood by you
  • what the Iceberg Model of good listening is
  • ​how to express yourself to others clearly and respectfully
  • ​how to negotiate issues in relationships fairly
  • ​and much, much more....

“People often think that learning to control their anger is hard. It's not. In ​Anger School I will teach you how to control your anger in any situation-regardless of how long you have experienced anger for or how bad you think your anger issue is.”

Bonus: Get Over $2,600 For Free

As a special bonus, when you enrol in Anger School you get over $2,600 in FREE bonuses.

​ Join today and get access to:

​Weekly Q & A

Value: $2,000+

​As an Anger School Member, you will get weekly access to live Q ​& A coaching calls with Alastair.

On these calls Alastair will teach an valuable anger management tool or technique, as well as answer any questions you have.

Any other course would charge hundreds (or thousands) of dollars for access to an anger management expert in this ​way, but as an Anger School member you get this for FREE!

​​Huge Discounts Off ​Other Courses

Value: $​600+

​​Want to learn how to control your anger not just in weeks, but days?

Alastair's comprehensive course entitled Anger Management Online will teach you all you need to know about how to control your anger.

​Alastair usually sells this course for $997. However as an Anger School member you will be able to access this course for just $397, saving you $600!

​​​Priority Individual Support

Value: ​​Priceless


​​Want ​greater individual support?

Anger School members get first access to online individual anger management coaching and support, as well as FREE priorty email support at any time!

Save days or weeks struggling with anger issues by accessing this priority individual support!

Total Bonus Value: Over $2,600!

​​With ​Anger School You Can...


​Learn whenever (or wherever) you want

​Forget about having to attend an anger management group at the same time every week, regardless of work, family or personal commitments. Learn anger management when (and where) suits you!


​Learn at your pace

​Enrolling in ​​Anger School means that you can learn ​how fast (or slow) you want to. W​ant to repeat a session? No problem-​watch the video lesson again ​to make sure you understand the main points!


​Save Money

​Traditional ​anger management programmes typically cost $​1,000-$​​5,000 to complete. ​​Anger School​ is worth ​far more than this, but costs ​way less!


​Save Time

​Traditional anger management programmes typically ​take 16-24 weeks to complete. ​​With Anger School you ​can learn ​to control your anger ​in ​​just a few weeks (or less!)


​​Avoid Commuting

​Don't want to ​waste hours ​driving to ​an anger manage​ment programme? ​​​Anger School totally eliminates ​travel time-leaving you more ​time to ​focus on learning ​the vital anger management skills


​Learn From The Best!

​​​I have ​taught over 6,500 men and women to control their anger over the last 25 years. Why try to ​learn​ ​how to ​control your anger ​from less experienced anger management ​coaches?

Get access to ​Anger School for the lowest price it will ever be.

Now, you are probably wondering how much ​Anger School will cost you.

It's a time of uncertainly and it is difficult to know what will happen next.

Whatever does happen, I know that learning to control your anger and create a safe, calm and respectful environment will be one of the best decisions you have ever made!

Your family deserves the best version of you-not the angry one!

By purchasing Anger School, you will get all the tools and techniques you need to know to learn how to control your anger, all from the comfort of your home!

And, you get access to thousands of dollars of bonuses, as well as weekly access to one of New Zealand's top anger management experts, to answer any questions you have.

How much would learning to control your anger be worth to you?

Most people say that ​learning to control ​their anger would be priceless.

But with Anger School, you will learn how to control your anger, not for hundreds (or thousands) of dollars, but just for $20 ​per week.

​This is ​the lowest price that Anger School will ever be offered for. It ​is ​likely that ​as ​the demand for Anger School goes up in the ​future, so will the price.

​Don't ​risk missing out!

The ​time to act is now!

​Get Anger ​School for ​the low price of $20 per week now!