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Online Anger Management Counselling May Be The Best Investment You Make Not Just This Year, But This Decade!

Unsure if online anger management counselling is for you? Many of my clients say that attending online anger management counselling with me is the best investment they have made, not just this year, but this decade! 

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What You Will Learn:

In our counselling sessions, you will learn...

What anger, abuse and violence are

Confused about what anger, abuse or violence are? Learn what anger is, the 5 main types of abuse, what makes an action abusive or violent, and much more.

Simple tools to control your anger in any situation

Been told by other counsellors or therapists that anger management is hard? Use the tools to control your anger in any situation.

What the real cause of your anger is

Want to know the real cause of your anger? It's not what you expect! This realisation is "life-changing" for many people. Find out more in our sessions together. 

How to create a calmer, happier and more loving relationship.

Want to create a calmer, happier and more loving relationship? These tools will help you do so quickly.

...and much, much more!


About Alastair Duhs

Alastair Duhs is perhaps New Zealand's most experienced anger management counsellor. He is also the host of the "Anger Secrets" podcast and Youtube channel.

Over the last 30 years, Alastair has taught over 10,000 men and women how to control their anger, master their emotions and become calmer, happier and more relaxed.

As a result of this experience, teaching people to control their anger has become easy for Alastair. With his help learning to control your anger will be easy for you too.

In just one or two sessions you will see dramatic changes in how you deal with situations that previously would have made you angry. In just a few short weeks, many clients experience what they say are "life-changing" results.

Are you ready to control your anger?

If so, there is no better instructor than Alastair.