​​​Learn To Control Your Anger​, Master Yo​ur Emotions And ​Create ​A Calmer, Happier And More Respectful Relationship

(Without being judged, labelled as angry, attending pointless counselling sessions, spending thousands of dollars or ​wasting ​years talking about your childhood)

The Life You Want, The​ Marriage You Want... The Family That You Want, Is Just One Decision Away...

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​How ​Important Is Controlling Your Anger To You...?

From: ​Alastair Duhs

Where: ​Auckland, New Zealand

​How ​important is controlling your anger ​​to you...?

For everyone it's different...

For some of you, it means ​saving a relationship that's is being rapidly destroyed by ​ angry outbursts. ​

For others, it means never seeing the look of fear in your children's eyes when Daddy (or Mummy) is in a bad mood. ​

And for others of you, it's being a more approachable person at work, a calmer driver on the roads or a safer person when you go ​out at night. ​

Before I share with you MY GOAL for th​e ​Complete Anger Management System for YOU... let me ask you a few questions...

Do You:

  • lose your temper with your partner or children​ for little or no reason?
  • ​have frequent conflict with your wife, your friends, workmates or complete strangers?
  • raise your voice, shout, swear or bang objects when you are arguing?
  • shout at, swear at or chase other drivers on the roads?
  • ​worry that one day your anger will get out of control​, leading to a first (or another) episode of abuse or violence dire​cted ​towards those that you love?

If you answered "Yes" to ANY of the questions above, then ​​enrol in the Complete Anger ​Management System and change your life forever!

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What Do I Get When I Enrol In The Complete Anger Management System?

When you enrol in the Complete Anger Management System you get...


​​Part 1: ​Lifetime Access To Anger Management Online (Value $1,997)


​​Anger Management Online is a proven 7 week course that will teach you how to control y​our anger in any situation (and create a calmer, happier and more respectful relationship).


​​Part ​2: ​​Exclusive Access To ​​Your Anger Management Online Workbook (Value $97)


​​Your Anger Management Online Workbook is a 136 page ​ebook that ​gives ​real-life answers to every exercise​ ​in Anger Management Online-​helping you to learn to control your anger management ​rapidly.​


​​Part ​​​​3: ​Exclusive Access To ​​​​​​The Anger Management Online ​Cheatsheats Ebook (Value $​97)


​​​​Your ​99 page Anger Management Online ​Cheatsheets ebook ​summarises every lesson of Anger Management Online-​​​meaning you can review, revise and remember your anger management tools at any time!


​​Part ​​​4: ​​Memb​ership ​​​To The Private Anger Change Facebook Group (Value $​97)


​​​Want help ​controlling your anger?  ​Joining ​my private Anger Change Facebook group will allow you to ​​get answers to any questions you have about anger management, as well as connect ​others learning how to control ​their anger.


​​Part ​​​​5: ​Lifetime Access To ​​​​​​The Anger Management Online ​​(Accelerated) Masterclass (Value $1​9​7)


​​​​​Anger Management Onli​ne (Accel​erated) Masterclass is a one hour masterclass that teach you the main anger management to​ols and concepts in less than an hour!


​​Part ​​​​​6: ​​Exclusive Access ​To ​​​​​​The Anger Management Online ​​(Accelerated) ​Workbook (Value $​2​7)


​​​​​​This 38 page ​workbook will help you follow the Anger Management Online (Accel​erated) Masterclass, helping you master the main anger management to​ols and concepts in less than an hour!

The Complete Anger Management System Will Teach You...

  • what anger, abuse and violence really are
  • ​what makes an action abusive or violent
  • ​how angry, abusive or violent you are
  • ​what the four main anger management tools are
  • how to ​recognise your Early Warning Signs of anger
  • ​how to use the Tension Scale to recognise when you are getting frustrated, annoyed or angry
  • how to use Positive Self-Talk to lower your tension, stress or anger levels
  • ​how to take a Time-Out correctly
  • ​what the real cause of anger is
  • ​how your thoughts and beliefs create your anger (and how to change them!)
  • ​how to take responsibility for your actions
  • ​what a respectful relationship is
  • ​how respectful your relationship is
  • how to communicate better with anyone around you
  • ​how to listen to your partner so that s/he feels fully understood by you
  • what the Iceberg Model of good listening is
  • ​how to express yourself to others clearly and respectfully
  • ​how to negotiate issues in relationships fairly
  • ​and much, much more....

“People often think that learning to control their anger is hard. It's not. In the Complete Anger Management System I will teach you how to control your anger in any situation-regardless of how long you have experienced anger for or how bad you think your anger issue is.”

​​With The Complete Anger Management ​​​System You Can...


​Learn whenever (or wherever) you want

​Forget about having to attend an anger management group at the same time every week, regardless of work, family or personal commitments. Learn anger management when (and where) suits you!


​Learn at your pace

​Enrolling in ​the Complete Anger Management ​System means that you can learn ​how fast (or slow) you want to. W​ant to repeat a session? No problem-​watch the video lesson again ​to make sure you understand the main points!


​Save Money

​Traditional ​anger management programmes typically cost $​1,000-$​​5,000 to complete. ​The Complete Anger Management ​System​ is worth ​far more than this, but costs ​way less!


​Save Time

​Traditional anger management programmes typically ​take 16-24 weeks to complete. ​By purchasing ​​the Complete Anger Management ​System you will learn ​to control your anger ​in ​​just a few weeks (or less!)


​​Avoid Commuting

​Don't want to ​waste hours ​driving to ​an anger manage​ment program? ​​The Complete Anger Management ​System totally eliminates ​travel time-leaving you more ​time to ​focus on learning ​the vital anger management skills


​Learn From The Best!

​​​I have ​taught over 6,500 men and women to control their anger over the last 25 years. Why try to ​learn​ ​how to ​control your anger ​from less experienced anger management ​coaches?

Many people tell me that the Complete Anger Management System is invaluable.

Chris, for example, enrolled in the Complete Anger Management System when his relationship was on the verge is breaking up.

After completing the Complete Anger Management System Chris said to me:

"This course came into my life when I was at my lowest and most fragile. It has become a vital part of my growth as a husband, father, friend and human. I will value and preserve the knowledge and realisations that I have achieved."

When You Purchase The Complete Anger Management System In The Next:

​You Get:

  • Lifetime Access ​Anger Management Online, Value $1,997
  • Exclusive Access To Anger ​​Management Online Workbook, Value $97 
  • Exclusive Access To Anger ​Management Online Cheatsheats Ebook, Value $​97​
  • ​​​​​​Memb​ership ​​In The ​​Private Anger Change Facebook Group, Value $​97
  • ​​Lifetime Access To Anger Management Online (Accelerated) Masterclass: $197
  • Exclusive Access To Anger ​Management Online (​Accelerated) Ebook, Value $27

Total Value: $​2,512

However you do not need to pay $​2,512 for the Complete Anger Management System. Purchase the Complete Anger Management System before the end of this offer and you pay just one single payment of:

$​2,512 $​347

Do YOU Accept?

You have:

Need More Information Before You Make Your Decision...?

Let Me Remind You Of All The Awesome Stuff You'll Get When You Purchase The Complete Anger Management System Today!

The first thing you will get is lifetime access to my comprehensive 7 part Anger Management ​Online Course ​(Value $1,997)

Anger Management Online

The ​second thing you will get ​​is exclusive ​access to ​my 136 page Anger Management Online Workbook (Value $97)

Anger Management Online Workbook

The ​third thing you will get ​​is ​​exclusive access to ​my Anger Management Online ​Cheatsheats Ebook (Value $​97)

Anger Management Online Cheatsheets

The ​fourth thing you will get ​is ​immediate ​membership to ​​the private members only Anger ​Change Facebook Group (Value $​97)

The ​fifth thing you will get ​​is ​lifetime access ​to ​my Anger Management Online ​​(Accelerated) Masterclass (Value $197)

Anger Management Online (Accelerated)

The ​sixth thing you will get ​​is ​exclusive access ​to ​the Anger Management Online ​​(Accelerated) ​​workbook (Value $​27)

Anger Management Online (Accelerated)

That is a total value of $​2,512.

However, if you purchase in the next

You pay just $​347!

Here Is Your Mission

(Should You Choose To Accept It...)

Your Challenge Is To TAKE ACTION And Learn How To Control Your Anger Now!

Yes, there will be some work involved.
Yes, you will need to practice your anger management skills…

But every day for the few weeks, you’ll be taking big steps toward controlling your anger!  

My only question for you is…

"Do YOU Have What It Takes?"

The time to act is NOW!

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For Just $​347!

Money-Back Guarantee!

The Complete Anger Management System comes with a 30 day money back guarantee!

This means that if you are unhappy with the Complete Anger Management System for any reason in the first 30 days after purchase, then I'll insist you get 100% of your money back.

It's simple:

If you are unhappy with the Complete Anger Management System for any reason in the first 30 days after purchase, then I'll refund 100% of your money. No questions asked.

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“​Learning to manage my anger has been life-changing for me. I was in denial about so many things that were happening to me-especially my anger. ​​Alastair has helped me realise that I did have a problem and has given me the tools not just to deal with my anger, but also to create a busy and happy and relationship with my wife and children.”

Tom (​​Anger Management Coaching Client)


“​​I was skeptical doing an online course at first but basically from the first lesson on, the lessons had me captivated and tied down to the screen - I really really enjoyed it, and have already found it has improved my life in many ways.”

​John (​​​​Complete ​​Anger Management ​System Client)


“​Thank you for teaching me to manage my anger. I can now communicate with my partner without being violent and am more open to others. I now think before I act and to listen to others more. Thank You”

Michael (Complete ​​Anger Management ​System Client)


"The whole family can see a difference in me. I have learned the tools I need to control myself."

Susan (​​Anger Management Coaching Client)

Here's What To Do Next...

From here it's just finalizing the details. Click on the button below to purchase the Complete Anger Management System, then we can finally get started!

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I look forward to hearing how you learned to control your anger in just a few short weeks!

Alastair Duhs, Anger Expert

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