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The Complete Guide to Anger Management Courses in Auckland

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We’ve all felt it. From low-level annoyance to fully-fledged rage, anger is a common emotion. At times, anger can even be healthy, helping us deal with unfair or unjust situations.

Sometimes though, anger can get out of control. From shouting, swearing, verbally or physically abusing our partner to losing our temper on the roads or at work, anger has many destructive effects. At these times it is important that we learn to deal with our anger in constructive and useful ways.

In this article I will summarize everything you need to know about anger management courses in Auckland. Let's begin!

What is an Anger Management Course?

Anger management courses are structured sessions, which can be conducted in group settings or individually, aimed at helping individuals address and manage anger.

Although anger management issues are as old as the human race, it is only in the last two or three decades that anger management classes have been held. The Oxford English Dictionary for example, states that the first reference to the term anger management came in 1975, connected with the work of American psychologist Raymond Novaco.

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These days anger management courses are common in Auckland. However, in addition to face-to-face anger management courses, online anger management programmes are emerging as a popular choice for many.

Online anger management programmes offer the flexibility to learn and practice anger management techniques from the comfort your own one's home. Some benefits of such online programs are discussed below.

How Do I Know if I Need an Anger Management Course?

There are many signs that you may need to do an anger management course. These include:

  • you have frequent arguments with your partner
  • you shout, swear at or belittle your partner
  • you experience considerable anger on the roads, including shouting at, swearing at or chasing other driver
  • your boss or workmates say you have a quick temper
  • your children avoid you when you are angry
  • you go hours or even days after arguments without talking to your partner
  • other people say that you need to do an anger management class.
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There are also many different tests you can take to see if anger is an issue for you. One such example is the Novaco Anger Scale. If you score highly on this scale it is likely that need to do an anger management programme.

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anger management auckland

Discover the simplest, quickest and most effective way to control your anger, right now!

Should I Do a Group or Individual Anger Management Course?

Most organizations that run anger management courses deliver courses in both group and individual settings. Both of these settings have a number of benefits. These include:

Group Anger Management Courses assist people to:

  • learn basic anger management tools and techniques
  • understand thoughts and beliefs behind anger and violence
  • understand that they are not alone in experiencing issues with anger
  • get feedback from other group members as to how they would deal with certain situations
  • learn in a supportive environment
  • learn from experienced anger management group facilitators.
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Group anger management classes are usually run by two facilitators. Often these facilitators are a man and a woman. Having both a man and woman in the anger management programme give participants balanced feedback as to the effect of anger on their partners and children.

Individual Anger Management Courses include many of the above topics but also allow people to:

  • conduct deeper and individual explorations of their anger
  • have individual feedback from an experienced counsellor
  • talk about issues that people may find difficult in a group setting, such as sexual abuse and extreme violence.
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After running both group and individual anger management programmes for over 30 years, I find that group environments are usually the most beneficial for those people trying to learn anger management techniques. This is largely due to the motivational aspect of the group and the support offered by other group members.

What About Online Anger Management Courses?

With the rise on online technology, the opportunities to learn and grow in the virtual realm increases. This includes anger management. Beyond traditional group or individual in-person courses, online anger management courses are rapidly gaining popularity. Here's why:

Convenience & Flexibility: 

Online courses offer unparalleled convenience. You can engage with course materials, activities, and even live sessions from anywhere in the world, at a time that suits you best. This is especially beneficial for those with hectic schedules, as it eliminates the need to commute or adhere to fixed class timings.

Comfortable Learning Environment:

For many, the thought of discussing personal anger issues in a room full of strangers can be intimidating. Online courses provide an environment where participants can learn from the safety and comfort of their homes, often making it easier to open up and delve deeper into personal issues.

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Access to Diverse Resources: 

Online platforms often incorporate multimedia – videos, interactive activities, podcasts, and articles. This variety can cater to different learning styles, enhancing comprehension and retention of the material.

Ongoing Support & Community:

Many online courses offer forums or chat groups where participants can connect, share experiences, and offer support. This sense of community can be invaluable in one's journey to managing anger effectively.


Often, online courses can be more affordable than traditional in-person sessions, given there are no costs associated with venues or printed materials.

Anonymity & Privacy:

For those who value their privacy, online courses can offer a level of anonymity, allowing participants to engage without fear of judgment.

In conclusion, while traditional in-person anger management courses have their merits, online programmes present a modern, flexible, and comprehensive approach to understanding and managing anger.

Whether you're a tech-savvy individual or someone looking for a flexible learning schedule, online anger management courses might be the perfect solution for you. For more information on my comprehensive online anger management course, click here.

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Discover the simplest, quickest and most effective way to control your anger, right now!

Having Said That, Where Do I Find Anger Management Courses in Auckland?

If you are committed to attending an anger management course in Auckland in person, there are a range of organisations throughout Auckland that I highly recommend.

These include:

Respect is based in Takapuna, Auckland. They are a non-profit organisation whose main purpose is to reduce violence and abuse in the North Shore community. Their services include:

Respect conducts both group and individual anger management programmes. To find out more visit their website or phone 09 489 3770.

Shine is a registered charity based in Kingsland, Auckland. Their vision is to make homes violence free throughout New Zealand. Shine’s services include:

• Anger Management Classes for Men
A National Helpline to Assist Victims of Domestic Violence
Programmes to Assist Children Affected by Violence
• Training Programmes to Help People To Respond to Family Violence

To find out more visit Shine’s website or phone 0508 744 633.

Inner City Women’s Group is a charitable trust that runs programmes for women throughout Auckland. Their vision is to support women and families to break the cycle of domestic violence. Their services include

Domestic Violence Support Programmes for Women
Parenting Courses for Women
Self-Esteem Courses for Women
Anger Management/Stopping Violence Courses for Women.

To find out more visit Inner City Women’s Group website or phone 09 360 4933.

Man Alive is a charitable trust based in Henderson, Auckland. Their main purpose is to work with men, boys and families to promote positive manhood and strong relationships. Their services include:

Living Without Violence Programmes for Men
Counselling for Men
Youth Programmes
Family and Couples Counselling

To find out more visit Man Alive‘s website or phone 09 835 0509.

Friendship House is based in Manukau, Auckland. Their main purpose is to provide a place of belonging and support for the South Auckland community. Their services include:

Living Without Violence Programmes for Men
Family Support
Professional Development for the South Auckland Community

To find out more visit Friendship House‘s website or phone 09 262 2322.

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Discover the simplest, quickest and most effective way to control your anger, right now!

What Happens in a Group Anger Management class?

anger group

Group anger management classes are usually run by two facilitators and have between 10 and 16 participants. These facilitators are likely to be counsellors who are highly trained in the dynamics of domestic violence. Some facilitators have also been in anger management classes themselves as participants and later trained to run classes themselves.

Participants in anger management classes tend to come from all walks of life and include a large variety of ages, ethnicities, professions and backgrounds. Research by Respect indicates that roughly:

  • 35% of men are aged from 20-30
  • 30% of men are aged from 30-40
  • 25% of men are aged from 40-50

Group anger management classes usually include a mix of input from class members and instruction from the facilitators. The topics covered in these classes vary depending on the organisation that is running then, but often include topics such as:

  • understanding anger, abuse and violence
  • anger management techniques
  • identifying thoughts and feelings that may precede anger, abuse and violence
  • communication skills, including listening, speaking and negotiation skills
  • understanding the effect of abuse and violence on others
  • understanding verbal, emotional, psychological, physical and sexual abuse
  • understanding the causes of anger, including the influence of our childhood and upbringing.

What Happens in an Individual Anger Management Class?

anger therapy

Individual anger management classes combine a mix of counselling and programme content.

The content of individual programmes is often similar to that of group programmes. However in individual programmes the content of the programme can be tailored to the individual needs of the person seeking anger management.

Do Anger Management Courses Work?

There has been much research into the effectiveness of anger management programmes. Some of this research has indicated that anger management programmes are effective in promoting change in those who undertake such programmes. Other research shows inconclusive results.

As a facilitator of anger management courses for thirty years, I believe that these courses assist most people to make substantial changes in their lives. This is especially for those who enter these programmes seeking to make positive changes. In my experience, this is most people in the programme.

These days, I often recommend people consider an online anger management course, such as my comprehensive online course, The Complete Anger Management System.

One significant advantage of online courses is the flexibility they offer. Participants can learn at their own pace, ensuring that no one feels overwhelmed or under-challenged. Moreover, geography and physical limitations are no longer barriers to access as online courses are available to anyone with an internet connection.

Finally, for many, delving into anger management can come with some perceived stigma or embarrassment. Engaging in an online course can offer participants an added layer of privacy and anonymity, allowing them to approach the material in a safe and comfortable environment.

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Discover the simplest, quickest and most effective way to control your anger, right now!

Are Anger Management Courses Different for Men and Women?

The content of anger management courses for men and women is usually mostly the same. Both men and women will be very likely to learn basic anger management tools and techniques. They are also likely to understand some deeper causes of anger, including underlying thoughts and beliefs.

While most of this content will be the same for men and women, there will also be some differences. These differences are largely due to the different socialisation of men and women. In addition, women who experience anger issues themselves have often been victims of abusive relationships. Most women’s anger management courses thus include sections on recovering from abusive relationships.

What are the Best Books on Anger Management?

It is difficult to find good books on anger management, especially those written from a New Zealand perspective. Largely because of this, I am in the process of writing a book myself on simple and effective tips for managing anger. If you would like more details on this, please contact me.

In the meantime the following books provide a good introduction to anger management and can be powerful in helping people change their lives.


Stop Hurting the Woman You Love (by Donaldson, Flood and Eldridge)

This is a useful book aimed at helping men understand the reasons why they may have acted in abusive or violent ways. This understanding can then open the gateway to change.


Beyond Anger: A Guide for Men (by Harbin)

Beyond Anger: A Guide for Men is a great book for helping men understand if they have an anger management issues and if so, what to do about it. Highly recommended!

What is the First Step in Getting Help for Anger Management?

Often the first step in getting help for anger management is to pick up the phone and call any of the organisations listed above. This can be a difficult and brave step for many people. However few people regret enrolling in an anger management programme.

Remember too that taking an online anger management programme can be a brave step for many people. 

If you are unsure where to start, take the short quiz below. Please also let me know in this quiz if you'd like me to contact you to discuss the best anger management programme for you.

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Discover the simplest, quickest and most effective way to control your anger, right now!

Alastair Duhs is a highly experienced anger management counsellor who has been running anger management courses for over 30 years. For any questions or enquiries please contact him using the button below.