Anger Expert

Anger Expert

​​I Will ​​​Teach You ​To ​Control ​Your Anger​ In ​30 Days​ (Or Less), Guaranteed!

Take ​my quick ​​5 question quiz to ​​discover the simplest, fastest and most effective way ​to control your anger, right now!

I Will ​​​Teach You ​How To Control Your Anger In ​30 Days (or Less), Guaranteed!

​Take my quick ​5 question quiz to discover the simplest, fastest and most effective way for you to control your anger, right now!

G​uaranteed Results In ​4 ​S​teps

I'll teach you the exact tools and strategies​ to control your anger in just ​30 days (or less)​, even if you have suffered from anger issues for years or have tried other anger management programmes and failed.


Step 1: ​​Take My Quick ​5 Question Quiz

​My ​quick quiz will help you establish if ​we are a good match to work with each other. If we are, you will be able to access the simplest, fastest and most effective way ​to control your anger that I know, anywhere online!


Step ​2: ​Book Your Free ​20 Minute ​Phone Consultation

​If we are a good match, the next step will be to book ​a FREE 20 minute phone consultation with me​. In this call ​​you will ​discover ​the exact best option for learning how to control your anger in just ​30 days (or less)!


Step ​3: ​Learn To Control Your Anger

Within minutes of our ​consultation you can begin an anger management programme chosen specifically for you. No waiting, no missing work to attend appointments, no unnecessary 20 week anger management programmes. Fast learners can learn how to master their anger in days. Learn quickly and practice your anger management skills for life!


Step ​4: ​Access Ongoing Coaching And Support From Me

Need ongoing help and support to master your anger management skills? I ​offer ongoing individual and group coaching ​to ensure you master the simple but powerful anger management tools I will teach you (and never relapse into episodes of anger, abuse or violence).

Control Your Anger In ​30 Days (Or Less)

H​​ello, I'​​m Alastair D​​uhs​

Alastair Duhs

I am an anger expert based in Auckland, New Zealand.

In the past 25 years I have taught over 6,500 men and women a ​simple, proven, step-by-step ​system to control their anger. For many people this system takes just ​30 days (or less) to learn. The results can be applied throughout your lifetime.​

Want to know more?

​​Click the button below to ​take my quick ​5 question quiz. In this quiz you will​ ​discover ​the simplest, fastest and most effective way to control your anger!


How ​much does it cost?

​Will this work for me?

​​Is this ​all online?

​​Is this ​​better than face to face anger management programmes?

​What is your success rate?

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What Others Say

"Learning to manage my anger has been life-changing for me. I was in denial about so many things that were happening to me-especially my anger. Alastair has helped me realize that I did have a problem and has given me the tools not just to deal with my anger, but also to create a busy and happy and relationship with my wife and children."


Anger Management Coaching Client

"I was skeptical doing an online course at first but basically from the first lesson on, the lessons had me captivated and tied down to the screen - I really really enjoyed it, and have already found it has improved my life in many ways."


Complete Anger Management ​​System Client

"Thank you for teaching me to manage my anger. I can now communicate with my partner without being violent and am more open to others. I now think before I act and to listen to others more. Thank You."



Complete Anger Management ​System Client

"The whole family can see a difference in me. I have learned the tools I need to control myself. I think more people having easy access to a course like this would make the world a better place."


Anger Management Coaching Client

​Are you tired of losing ​your temper at those ​that you love?

Control Your Anger In Just ​30 Days (Or Less)

(With a proven online system and expert coaching from me)

The LIFE that you want, the RELATIONSHIP that you want, the FAMILY that you want are just one ​​click away...