March 22

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You are now an Anger School member!

As a first step, please watch my Anger Management Online (Accelerated) Masterclass. This a one-hour training that will teach you the 4 main anger management skills (and some basic theory around anger management).

You can access this masterclass here.

​Note that I hold group coaching calls on Zoom every Wednesday night at 8pm (New Zealand Standard Time). These group coaching calls will help ​you with any aspect of anger management. I will send you an email reminding you of these calls every Wednesday morning.​You can access these calls using the following Zoom link:

To access all of your courses, ebooks or recordings group coaching sessions, click here!

Note that as an Anger School member you are entitled to 40% off any anger management coaching sessions. This session will be via Zoom. You can book your session here.

​I look forward to helping you control your anger!

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